Monday, October 29, 2018

The historic bi-state Columbia River fishery reforms remain under constant attack in both Oregon and Washington by those who want to return non-selective gillnets to the mainstem Columbia River. With your help we’ve been able to turn back past attacks, but unfortunately our work is not done.
The Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife commissions will be jointly meeting next Thursday, November 1 in Vancouver to discuss the reforms and potential changes, including returning gillnets to the mainstem.  While the agenda for the full day meeting does not include an opportunity for public comment, CCA is organizing a rally to show the commissions the overwhelming support that exists for these reforms!
Please join us at 12:30 PM outside the Heathman Lodge (7801 NE Greenwood Drive, Vancouver) to show your support for the reforms. You are also encouraged to attend all or part of the joint commission meeting, which starts at 9 AM and runs until 4:30 PM. This will be a business meeting between the commissions, so it is important not to disrupt the proceedings.
The commissions will not be making any decisions at the November 1 meeting, but it is a great opportunity to stand up for these critical reforms and our salmon. The Washington Commission will discuss the Columbia River reforms again on Saturday, November 3 at 9 AM at its regular commission meeting at the Heathman Lodge, if you are able to attend.

Please join us next Thursday, November 1, at 12:30 PM wearing your CCA gear!