Enough is Enough of Mr. Buckmaster Monkeying Around with the Columbia River Reforms...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

CCA Oregon sent a letter addressed to Governor Kate Brown yesterday afternoon.  Once again voicing concern of Mr. Buckmaster on the ODFW commission and asking her to take action.  It's clear from last month’s ODFW meeting in Astoria, Mr. Buckmater is out to derail CCA's efforts and try to throw-out the 2012 Bi-State Columbia reforms... 

Below is the letter, CCA Oregon’s Chairman of the Board, Dave Schamp, sent to Governor Brown yesterday and he ends with this: 

“You have continually stated that you support the Columbia River reforms, which we appreciate, but the Commission continues operating counter to your direction.  That is why we are urging you to take this opportunity with two open Commission seats to balance out the Commission by nominating individuals that can counteract Mr. Buckmaster’s influence, help restore the strained relationship with ODFW’s largest constituency, and work in good faith to fully implement the Columbia River reforms.  Otherwise, we would respectfully ask you to remove Bruce Buckmaster from the Commission.”   

We Thank Mr. Schamp for putting Mr. Buckmaster on notice!