Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Your collective voice was heard!  Big thanks to all who attended town halls, wrote emails, made phone calls and personally contacted your elected representatives in Salem in defense of the Columbia River Reforms and sportfishing.  You helped make a difference!

On April 16th we learned Governor Brown has decided to appoint five new members to the ODFW Commission.  The new Commissioners will be replacing Chair Michael Finley, Commissioner Holly Akenson, Commissioner Bob Webber, Commissioner Bruce Buckmaster and the seat previously vacated by Commissioner Laura Anderson.  All the departing Commissioners have served two terms except Commissioner Buckmaster. CCA Oregon appreciates the service and hard work of all the leaving Commissioners.

CCA Oregon is very encouraged by the Governor’s decision to not appoint Commissioner Buckmaster to a second term.  Governor Brown has said on multiple occasions that she supports the Columbia River Reforms and would remove Commissioner Buckmaster if he sought to undo the reforms.  We believe this action is consistent with her previous commitments and confirms her interest in protecting thirteen ESA-listed salmon and steelhead species from non-selective gill nets.  Thank you, Governor Brown!

For the most part, the five new Commissioners appointed by the Governor are unknown to CCA Oregon.  We have requested copies of their applications and hope to have a better understanding of their qualifications prior to the confirmation hearing with the Senate.  We look forward to working with these new commissioners and educating them about our fishery issues.

Assuming all five recommended appointees are confirmed their first scheduled meeting will be on June 6th.  At this time, we do not know for sure if a decision on the Columbia River gill net seasons will be on the agenda.

CCA Oregon continues to focus on our priorities of maintaining the Columbia River Reforms, funding for hatcheries and predation control programs.  With your continued support we are making a positive difference!