HATCHERY FISH ARE NOT THE ENEMY! CCA Oregon supports a new campaign highlighting the importance of fish hatcheries.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hatchery & Wild is a campaign to highlight the importance of fish hatcheries.  For decades they have provided important mitigation for the loss of naturally spawned salmon and steelhead.  And, absent hatchery supplementation there is a good chance that a lot of very popular fisheries would have ended a long time ago.

According to CCA Oregon President Jack Smith, “Hatcheries have been viewed as a major contributor to the decline of wild salmon and steelhead populations.  That premise has led to significant reductions, and in several cases complete elimination, of hatchery supplementation in hopes of reviving wild fish numbers.”

Smith went on to explain, “Recent studies show that removing hatchery fish does not, by itself, result in an increase in wild fish. There is no known instance in Oregon or Washington, where the reduction or elimination of hatchery supplementation from watersheds with a historical wild fish population, resulted in an increase in wild fish abundance absent other contributing factors.”

The truth is poor logging practices, habitat destruction, access barriers, water pollution, predation and non-selective harvest are the main reasons for wild fish decline. The same growth and poor land and water use policies that brought our endangered wild fish populations to this point in the first place continue to exist.

Dave Schamp, Chairman, CCA Oregon said, “It is time to change the anti-hatchery narrative.  History — and now sound science — shows hatcheries do not have an adverse impact on wild fish abundance, and they are critical to enjoying robust and healthy fisheries.  Hatchery and wild fish have successfully co-existed for decades.” 

CCA Oregon and the North Coast Salmon & Steelhead Enhancement Fund have teamed up to support this important pro-hatchery campaign. 

For more information visit:  www.hatchery-wild-coexist.com