Help Save the Leaburg Hatchery

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The State of Oregon has an opportunity to secure the Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Leaburg Hatchery on the McKenzie River.  The Corps has announced that it plans to close the hatchery this summer as it shifts the current Leaburg production (trout and steelhead) to a private contractor.  ODFW currently operates the hatchery for the Corps. The Corps has proposed a no-cost lease of the facility to ODFW, which could produce an additional 260,000 spring Chinook smolts and 100,000 trophy trout if ODFW can secure the necessary state funding.

CCA Oregon is working with Senators Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) and Fred Girod (R-Stayton) to secure an additional $350,000 in supplemental funding for ODFW to operate the facility through next June.  This state funding would be combined with $150,000 of Columbia River Basin Endorsement funds paid by sports anglers to enhance recreational fisheries and implement the Columbia River reforms.

This is a tremendous opportunity to secure an additional state hatchery (the state hasn’t built a new hatchery in over 40 years) AND increase spring Chinook hatchery production to benefit sport fisheries stretching throughout the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.  Meanwhile, the enhanced production of trophy trout would represent a 20 percent increase in the total Willamette Valley releases of trout, a major boost to sportfishing opportunity and local economies.

We can’t afford to let this hatchery go or miss this real opportunity to increase Willamette River basin hatchery production.  Please act now to contact your legislators in support of this funding – here’s what you can do:

  1. Click here to send your state legislators a pre-drafted email, which you can personalize to increase its effectiveness.  Let them know why it matters to you! 
  2. Call your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to save the Leaburg Hatchery and provide a low-cost boost to Oregon sport fisheries with $350,000 in supplemental budget funding!  You can look up their contact information at the following link.
  3. Share this email with all your friends and ask them to do the same.  

Let’s get this done!