Support on the Columbia River Reforms!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

This month we have kicked off a new campaign to defend the Columbia River Reforms to remove commercial gillnets off the Lower Columbia River.  As you may know, we are nearing the end of a two-year extension for commercial gillnetting for the fall season that was granted in the 2016.  That was the year gillnetting was to stop on the Lower Columbia River after a long transition period which saw anglers paying an additional fee to set up off channel terminal areas for commercial fishing.  The off-channel areas are a success, but commercial interests are continuing to push to repeal the reforms at the end of this extension period.  CCA Oregon is pleased to have contributed to a campaign to defend the reforms and our stocks of wild and endangered fish.  Please take a moment and help us fight for the fish and stop indiscriminate commercial gillnetting in the Lower Columbia River.  

You can see videos hosted by John Kitzhaber on or “keep gillnets off the Columbia” Facebook page.   Please pass this note along to your friends and family as well as share the videos in social media posts with your opinion.  It is our intention to make this an issue for Oregon Governor’s race, and by your actions you can help us make that come to fruition.  Commercial interests are trying to manipulate the political and wildlife management systems for their benefit.  Don’t let them.  We made a deal over ten years ago and it is time to finish it.  Take action and let the policy makers know you want the overdue reforms to be defended and implemented with no further delay.  

Tell Governor Brown you want gillnets out of the Columbia River for good!  You may recall Governor Kate Brown had to step in with the ODFW commission once before regarding the Columbia River reforms.  You can view her letter to the ODFW commission here.  It's time to remind her that this is important and to stay true to the Columbia River Reforms.